Tomáš Nejedlý - T.Nej - Designer and Coder


My name is Tomas Nejedly and I deal with web design, programming and coding web applications and presentations, as well as graphic design, IT or architecture.
I am currently studying Applied Informatics and Graphic Design at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno. I also graduated from Architecture and Civil Engineering at SPŠS in Valašske Meziříči.

Me and the internet

I am using Internet from beginning of the millennium and you can find me there under the names like Thomas Nejedly, T.Nej, Thomas-NT or theirs modifications such as T-Nej, TomasNej, etc.

More about me

My other interests are cycling, drawing, listening music or reading science fiction books or technothriller. And my favorite films and TV serials are from genre of sci-fi.